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Bennett (Alfred) 1898–1971, U.S. book publisher, editor, and writer.
Contemporary Examples

By the time Cerf died, in 1971, he realized to his regret that synergy was a siren that had swallowed him whole.
Why Random and Penguin Must Merge—And When They Almost Did Gayle Feldman November 8, 2012

But Cerf was speaking back in 2006, testifying to a U.S. Senate committee.
Google’s Plan Could Wreck the Web Thomas E. Weber August 4, 2010

Historical Examples

Owing to his position, Cerf Berr was enabled to work for the emancipation of his brethren.
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

I am lodged at the Cerf, and I shall be here until the day after to-morrow.
Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini

The Cerf became separated from the squadron and returned to France.
A Treasury of Heroes and Heroines Clayton Edwards

But at last the superior metal of the “Cerf” won for her the victory.
The Naval History of the United States Willis J. Abbot.

A fortnight later the Cerf passed along under easy sail between the island of Margarita and the mainland.
A Roving Commission G. A. Henty

All this time the Speedy was playing upon the Cerf’s quarter.
Miles Wallingford James Fenimore Cooper

I have never seen the brand-hirtz or Cerf d’Ardennes, nor the European elk.
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

Next day the “Cerf” went in toward the coast to find him, the others remaining meanwhile outside in the track of vessels.
The Boys of 1812 and Other Naval Heroes James Russell Soley


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