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a white-to-yellow, heavy powder, cerium dioxide, CeO 2 , usually derived from cerium nitrate by decomposition with heat: used chiefly in ceramics, glass polishing, and decolorizing.
Historical Examples

another name (not in technical usage) for ceric oxide


Read Also:

  • Ceric

    containing cerium, especially in the tetravalent state. adjective of or containing cerium in the tetravalent state

  • Ceric-oxide

    ceria. noun a white or yellow solid used in ceramics, enamels, and radiation shields. Formula: CeO2 Also called cerium dioxide, ceria

  • Ceriferous

    producing or secreting wax, as a gland. adjective (biology) producing or bearing wax

  • Ceriman

    a climbing, tropical American plant, Monstera deliciosa, of the arum family, characterized by cordlike, aerial roots and large, perforated leaves. the greenish-yellow, edible, sweet fruit of this plant.

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