pertaining to modeling in wax.
modeled in wax.
(functioning as sing) the art of wax modelling
relating to wax modelling
modelled in wax

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  • Cerotic

    of or derived from cerotic acid.

  • Cerotic-acid

    a white, crystalline, water-insoluble, odorless wax, C 26 H 52 O 2 , usually obtained from beeswax or carnauba wax. noun another name (not in technical usage) for hexacosanoic acid

  • Cerotype

    a process of engraving in which the design or the like is cut on a wax-coated metal plate from which a printing surface is subsequently produced by stereotyping or by electrotyping. noun a process for preparing a printing plate by engraving a wax-coated copper plate and then using this as a mould for an electrotype

  • Cerrado

    a type of plains community characterized by vegetation ranging from tropical broadleaf woodlands to scrublands, occurring in extensive areas of Brazil.

  • Cerous

    containing trivalent cerium. adjective of or containing cerium in the trivalent state

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