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with certainty; without doubt; assuredly:
I’ll certainly be there.
yes, of course:
Certainly, take the keys.
surely; to be sure:
He certainly is successful.
with certainty; without doubt: he certainly rides very well
sentence substitute
by all means; definitely: used in answer to questions

c.1300, in all main modern senses, from certain + -ly (2).


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  • Certainty

    the state of being certain. something certain; an assured fact. for / of a certainty, certainly; without a doubt: I suspect it, but I don’t know it for a certainty. noun (pl) -ties the condition of being certain something established as certain or inevitable for a certainty, without doubt n. c.1300, certeynte, “surety, pledge,” from […]

  • Certed

    abbreviation (in Britain) Certificate in Education

  • Certes

    certainly; in truth. adverb (archaic) with certainty; truly adv. mid-13c., from Old French certes, from Vulgar Latin certas, from Latin certe, adverb from certus (see certain).

  • Certif.

    certificate. certificated. certificate certificated

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