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capable of being certified.
legally committable to a mental institution.
Sometimes Facetious. fit or ready for an insane asylum.
uncontrollable; insane:
a certifiable desire.
capable of being certified
fit to be certified as insane

1846, from certify + -able. Meaning “so deranged as to be certifiably insane” is recorded from 1912.

certifiable cer·ti·fi·a·ble (sûr’tə-fī’ə-bəl)

That can or must be certified. Used of infectious, industrial, and other diseases that are required by law to be reported to health authorities.

Relating to or being a person showing disordered behavior of sufficient gravity to justify involuntary mental hospitalization.


So deranged as to be officially certified insane: her comments suggest she’s certifiable (1939+)


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