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a light-blue to strong greenish-blue color.
a pigment used in painting consisting mainly of oxides of tin and cobalt, chiefly characterized by its greenish-blue color and permanence.


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  • Cerulean-warbler

    a North American wood warbler, Dendroica cerulea, the male of which is blue above and white below.

  • Cerulein

    cerulein ce·ru·le·in (sə-rōō’lē-ən) n. A decapeptide that stimulates smooth muscle, especially gallbladder contraction, and increases digestive secretions.

  • Ceruloplasmin

    a serum glycoprotein involved in the storage and transport of copper and iron. ceruloplasmin ce·ru·lo·plas·min (sə-rōō’lō-plāz’mĭn) n. A blue, copper-containing globulin that may play a part in erythropoiesis and oxygen reduction.

  • Cerumen

    earwax. noun the soft brownish-yellow wax secreted by glands in the auditory canal of the external ear Nontechnical name earwax n. “earwax,” 1741, medical Latin cerumen, coined by Swiss anatomist Gaspard Bauhin (1560-1624) from Latin cera “wax” (see cere (n.)) on model of albumen; or else from Greek keroumenos “formed of wax.” cerumen ce·ru·men (sə-rōō’mən) […]

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