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a type of smoked sausage made of beef or pork, fat, and seasonings: originally made of brains.
a smoked sausage made from pork and beef


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  • Cervelliere

    a close-fitting cap of mail or plate; coif.

  • Cervera y Topete

    Pascual [pahs-kwahl] /pɑsˈkwɑl/ (Show IPA), 1839–1909, Spanish admiral.

  • Cervena

    noun trademark (NZ) a trademarked set of quality standards for farm-produced venison saddle and leg cuts of venison complying with these standards (and officially accredited as such)

  • Cerveza

    beer. n. Spanish for “beer,” from Latin cervisia “beer” (cf. Latin cerea “a Spanish beer”), from a Celtic *kerb- (cf. Gaulish curmi, Old Irish cuirm, Middle Irish coirm, Welsh cwrwf, Old Cornish coref “beer”), from Proto-Celtic *kormi-, perhaps from PIE root *krem-, also source of Latin cremare “to burn” (see cremation). “Connection with ceres (as […]

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