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Center for Epidemiologic Studies
Consumer Electronics Show


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  • Ces-d

    Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale

  • Cesar

    Spanish form of masc. proper name Caesar.

  • Cesar chavez

    Carlos [kahr-lohs;; Spanish kahr-laws] /ˈkɑr loʊs;; Spanish ˈkɑr lɔs/ (Show IPA), 1899–1978, Mexican composer and conductor. Cesar (Estrada) [see-zer e-strah-duh;; Spanish se-sahr es-trah-th ah] /ˈsi zər ɛˈstrɑ də;; Spanish ˈsɛ sɑr ɛsˈtrɑ ðɑ/ (Show IPA), 1927–93, U.S. labor leader: organizer of migrant farmworkers.

  • Cesarea


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