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a parasitic platyhelminth or flatworm of the class Cestoda, which comprises the tapeworms.
belonging or pertaining to the Cestoda.
any parasitic flatworm of the class Cestoda, which includes the tapeworms

cestode ces·tode (sěs’tōd’) or ces·toid (-toid’)
Any of various parasitic flatworms of the class Cestoidea, including the tapeworms, having a long, flat body equipped with a specialized organ of attachment at one end.
ces’tode or ces’toid’ adj.
Any of various parasitic flatworms of the class Cestoda, having a long flat body that usually has a specialized organ of attachment at one end (the scolex). Cestodes may consist of a single segment or be divided into numerous identical rectangular segments. Food is absorbed through the outer covering of the body. Cestodes inhabit the liver and digestive tract of many vertebrate animals and also affect some invertebrates. They can attain a length of over 15 m (49 ft). Also called tapeworm.


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  • Cestoda

    Cestoda Ces·to·da (sěs-tō’də) n. A subclass of parasitic flatworms including the segmented tapeworms that parasitize humans and domestic animals.

  • Cestoid

    Zoology. (of worms) ribbonlike. cestode. adjective (esp of tapeworms and similar animals) ribbon-like in form

  • Cestoidea

    Cestoidea Ces·toi·de·a (sěs-toi’dē-ə) n. A class of flatworms characterized by lack of an alimentary canal and, in typical forms, by a segmented body with a scolex at one end; adult worms are vertebrate parasites, usually found in the small intestine.

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