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  • Cetane

    a colorless, liquid hydrocarbon of the alkane series, C 16 H 34 , used as a solvent and in cetane number determinations. noun a colourless insoluble liquid alkane hydrocarbon used in the determination of the cetane number of diesel fuel. Formula: C16H34 Also called hexadecane cetane (sē’tān’) A colorless liquid hydrocarbon derived from petroleum. It […]

  • Cetane-number

    a measure of the ignition quality of a diesel engine fuel by comparison with various mixtures in which the alpha form of methylnaphthalene is given a standard value of 0 and cetane is given a standard value of 100. noun a measure of the quality of a diesel fuel expressed as the percentage of cetane […]

  • Cetatea-alba

    Romanian name of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. a seaport in SW Ukraine, on the Black Sea. noun the Romanian name for Belgorod-Dnestrovski

  • Cete

    a number of badgers together. noun a group of badgers

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