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computer-generated images/computer-generated imagery: digital graphics used in visual media, often in the form of 3-D animation.
abbreviation (in Britain)
Chief of General Staff

CGS or cgs
centimeter-gram-second system.
centimeter-gram-second system
Committee on Geological Sciences


Read Also:

  • Cgs system

    cgs system (sē’gē’ěs’) See centimeter-gram-second system.

  • Cfb

    abbreviation (in Canada) Canadian Forces Base

  • CFA

    Chartered Financial Analyst. [Harvard-Smithsonian] Center for Astrophysics Campus Freethought Association Cat Fanciers’ Association Chartered Financial Analyst Commission of Fine Arts Consumer Federation of America Craniofacial Foundation of America

  • Ch. J.

    Chief Justice.

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