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Florence (May) 1918–1995, U.S. long-distance swimmer.
Henry, 1824–1908, U.S. sportswriter and baseball pioneer, born in England.
George Whitefield, 1854–1931, U.S. composer.
James, 1891–1974, English physicist: discoverer of the neutron; Nobel Prize 1935.
Sir Edwin. 1800–90, British social reformer, known for his Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain (1842)
Sir James. 1891–1974, British physicist: discovered the neutron (1932): Nobel prize for physics 1935
Lynn (Russell). 1914–2003, British sculptor in metal
British physicist who in 1932 discovered the neutron. For this work, he received the 1935 Nobel Prize for chemistry.


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