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any animal of the phylum Chaetognatha, comprising the arrowworms.
Also, chaetognathan
[kee-tog-nuh-thuh n] /kiˈtɒg nə θən/ (Show IPA), chaetognathous. belonging or pertaining to the Chaetognatha.
any small wormlike marine invertebrate of the phylum Chaetognatha, including the arrowworms, having a coelom and a ring of bristles around the mouth
Any of various small, wormlike marine invertebrates of the phylum Chaetognatha, having often transparent or translucent bodies that are pointed at one end. The head has small hooks for grasping prey, and it contains a large cerebral ganglion of sensory nerves. Chaetognaths are popularly called arrowworms, and are thought to be related to the echinoderms and chordates.


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  • Chaetophobia

    noun a fear of hair Word Origin Greek ‘long flowing hair’ n. “fear of hair,” from chaeto- “hair; bristle” + -phobia “fear.”

  • Chaetophorous

    bearing bristles; setigerous.

  • Chaetopod

    any annelid of the class or group Chaetopoda, having the body composed of more or less similar segments with muscular processes bearing setae. noun any annelid worm of the classes Oligochaeta or Polychaeta See oligochaete, polychaete

  • Chaetotaxy

    the arrangement of bristles on the exoskeleton of an insect.

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