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consisting of, covered with, or resembling chaff.


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  • Chafing

    to wear or abrade by rubbing: He chafed his shoes on the rocks. to make sore by rubbing: Her collar chafed her neck. to irritate; annoy: The dripping of the faucet chafed her nerves. to warm by rubbing: to chafe cold hands. Obsolete. to heat; make warm. to become worn or sore from rubbing: His […]

  • Chafing-dish

    an apparatus consisting of a metal dish with a lamp or heating appliance beneath it, for cooking food or keeping it hot at the table. a vessel that holds charcoal or the like, for heating anything set over it. noun a vessel with a heating apparatus beneath it, for cooking or keeping food warm at […]

  • Chaga

    a member of a Bantu people of northern Tanzania. the Bantu language spoken by the Chaga.

  • Chagal

    chagul. a bag made of goatskin: used in the Orient for carrying water.

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