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reactor (def 4).


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  • Chain-reaction

    Physics. a self-sustaining reaction in which the fission of nuclei of one generation of nuclei produces particles that cause the fission of at least an equal number of nuclei of the succeeding generation. Chemistry. a reaction that results in a product necessary for the continuance of the reaction. a series of events in which each […]

  • Chain reflex

    chain reflex n. A series of reflexes, each serving as a stimulus for the next.

  • Chain-rule

    the theorem that defines the method for taking the derivative of a composite function. noun (maths) a theorem that may be used in the differentiation of the function of a function. It states that du/dx = (du/dy)(dy/dx), where y is a function of x and u a function of y

  • Chain-saw

    to cut or cut down (lumber, a tree, etc.) with a chain saw. to use a chain saw. a power saw, usually portable, having teeth set on an endless chain. noun a motor-driven saw, usually portable, in which the cutting teeth form links in a continuous chain

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