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a city on Euboea, in SE Greece.
a Greek island in the W Aegean Sea. 1586 sq. mi. (4110 sq. km).
Capital: Chalcis.
a city on the island of Euboea in SE Greece, at the narrowest point of the Euripus strait: important since the 7th century bc, founding many colonies in ancient times. Pop (municipality): 55 264 (2001) Modern Greek name Khalkís Medieval English name Negropont
an island in the W Aegean Sea: the largest island after Crete of the Greek archipelago; linked with the mainland by a bridge across the Euripus channel. Capital: Chalcis. Pop: 198 130 (2001). Area: 3908 sq km (1509 sq miles) Modern Greek name Évvoia Former English name Negropont


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