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a room for sleeping; bedroom; also written chambré
Word Origin



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  • Chally

    a soft fabric of plain weave in wool, cotton, rayon, or other staple fiber, either in a solid color or, more often, a small print. noun a lightweight plain-weave fabric of wool, cotton, etc, usually with a printed design n. type of fabric for ladies’ dresses, 1849, of unknown origin, perhaps from the surname.

  • Chametz

    hametz. a food forbidden for use by Jews during the festival of Passover, especially a baked food, as bread or cake, made with leaven or a leavening agent. a dish, kitchen utensil, or the like used in preparing or serving such food and similarly forbidden for use during Passover. noun (Judaism) leavened food which may […]

  • Chamfer

    a cut that is made in wood or some other material, usually at a 45° angle to the adjacent principal faces. Compare bevel. to make a chamfer on or in. noun a narrow flat surface at the corner of a beam, post, etc, esp one at an angle of 45° Compare bevel (sense 1) verb […]

  • Chamfer-bit

    a bit for beveling the edge of a hole.

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