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(initial capital letter) the sparkling, dry, white table wine from the region of Champagne in France.
a similar sparkling wine produced elsewhere.
(formerly) the nonsparkling, dry, white table wine produced in the region of Champagne in France.
a very pale yellow or greenish-yellow color.
anything considered the best or luxurious.
having the color of champagne.
luxurious or expensive:
champagne tastes.
a region and former province in NE France.
(sometimes capital) a white sparkling wine produced around Reims and Epernay, France
(loosely) any effervescent white wine

a colour varying from a pale orange-yellow to a greyish-yellow
(as adjective): a champagne carpet

(modifier) denoting a luxurious lifestyle: a champagne capitalist

1660s, from French, short for vin de Champagne “wine made in Champagne,” former province in northwest France, literally “open country” (see campaign (n.)). Originally any wine from this region, focused to the modern meaning late 18c.


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