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  • Chance it

    Take the risk or hazard of, as in I don’t know if there’s a later bus but let’s chance it. The verb to chance alone was so used for a time, as in Let’s just chance the rain—I’m not buying a new umbrella! [ Late 1800s ] Also see: take a chance

  • Chance-medley

    a killing occurring during a sudden and unpredicted encounter. aimless and random action. noun (law) a sudden quarrel in which one party kills another; unintentional but not blameless killing

  • Chance-music

    aleatory music.

  • Chanceful

    full of chance or chances. Archaic. dependent on chance. risky.

  • Chancel

    the space about the altar of a church, usually enclosed, for the clergy and other officials. noun the part of a church containing the altar, sanctuary, and choir, usually separated from the nave and transepts by a screen n. c.1300, “part of the church around the altar,” from Old French chancel, from Late Latin cancellus […]

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