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Change point

(surveying) a point to which a foresight and backsight are taken in levelling; turning point


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  • Change round

    verb (adverb) to place in or adopt a different or opposite position noun the act of changing to a different position

  • Change the channel

    verb phrase To shift the topic of conversation (1950s+ Teenagers)

  • Change the subject

    Deliberately talk about another topic, as in If someone asks you an embarrassing question, just change the subject. This term uses subject in the sense of “a topic of conversation,” a usage dating from the late 1500s.

  • Change-up

    a temporary shift or variation in a normal routine or regular pattern of activity: Reading a mystery novel has been a real change of pace for me. Also called change-up [cheynj-uhp] /ˈtʃeɪndʒˌʌp/ (Show IPA). Baseball. a ball that is thrown by a pitcher with the same motion as for a fastball but that travels with […]

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