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a female singer, especially one who sings in nightclubs and cabarets.
a female singer, esp in a nightclub or cabaret

“female singer of popular songs,” 1888, from French chanteuse (16c.), fem. agent noun of chanter “to sing” (see chant (v.)). In Old French, the word was chanteresse.


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  • Chantey

    a sailors’ song, especially one sung in rhythm to work. noun (pl) -teys the usual US spelling of shanty2

  • Chanticleer

    a rooster: used as a proper name in medieval fables. noun a name for a cock, used esp in fables n. “a cock,” c.1300, from Old French Chantecler “sing-loud” (Modern French Chanteclair), name of the cock in medieval stories of Reynard the Fox; from chanter “to sing” (see chant (v.)) + cler (see clear (adj.)).

  • Chanty

    chantey. a sailors’ song, especially one sung in rhythm to work. noun (pl) -ties a variant of shanty2 noun (pl) -teys the usual US spelling of shanty2 n. 1856, also shanty, chantey; probably an alteration of French chanter “to sing” (see chant (v.)); perhaps from French chantez, imperative of chanter.

  • Chantilly

    a town in N France, N of Paris: lace manufacture. (sometimes lowercase). Also called Chantilly lace. a delicate silk, linen, or synthetic bobbin lace, in black or white, scalloped along one edge and often having an outlined design of scrolls or vases or baskets of flowers, widely used for bridal gowns and evening gowns. a […]

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