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a small three-cornered hat, worn by gentlemen in full dress in the 18th century, that could be folded flat and carried under the arm.


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  • Chapeaux

    a hat. Heraldry. a representation of a low-crowned hat with a turned-up brim, usually of a different tincture, used either as a charge or as part of a crest. a cap depicted within a representation of a crown or coronet. noun (pl) -peaux (-pəʊ; -pəʊz; French) (-po), -peaus a hat n. 1520s, from Middle French […]

  • Chapel

    a private or subordinate place of prayer or worship; oratory. a separately dedicated part of a church, or a small independent churchlike edifice, devoted to special services. a room or building for worship in an institution, palace, etc. (in Great Britain) a place of worship for members of various dissenting Protestant churches, as Baptists or […]

  • Chapel-de-fer

    a medieval open helmet, often having a broad brim for deflecting blows from above.

  • Chapel-of-ease

    a chapel in a remote part of a large parish, in which Mass is celebrated. noun a church built to accommodate those living at a distance from the parish church

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