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a wreath or garland for the head.
a string of beads.
Roman Catholic Church.

a string of beads, one-third of the length of a rosary, for counting prayers.
the prayers recited over this.

Architecture. a small molding carved to resemble a string of beads; astragal.
Metallurgy. an object for separating the core of a mold from a wall, composed of the same metal as the casting and forming an integral part of it.
an ornamental wreath of flowers, beads, etc, worn on the head
a string of beads or something similar
(RC Church)

a string of prayer beads constituting one third of the rosary
the prayers counted on this string

a narrow convex moulding in the form of a string of beads; astragal
a metal support for the core in a casting mould, esp for the core of a cylindrical pipe

late 14c., from Old French chapelet (Old North French capelet) “garland, rosary,” properly “a small hat,” diminutive of chape, chapeau “headdress, hood, hat” (see chapeau).


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