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any specific chapter and verse of the Bible, as used when citing the text.
full, cited authority, as for any quotation, opinion, action, etc.:
Give me chapter and verse for the information you’ve provided so far.

detailed information.
a set of regulations or rules.

The means of locating passages in the Bible. Thus Matthew 19:18 means chapter 19, verse 18, of the Book of Matthew.

Note: In general use, giving “chapter and verse” means giving precise evidence for a proposition.

adverb phrase

: He knew it chapter and verse

noun phrase

An exact detailed account: I can give you chapter and verse about that night
The guiding documents or principles; rules: I know the chapter and verse of the university’s policy (1700s+)

The precise authority backing up a statement or view; established rules for or detailed information about something. For example, You can’t withdraw a card after you’ve played it; I’ll cite you the rules, chapter and verse. The term alludes to the chapter and verse of a quotation from the Bible, long regarded as an ultimate authority. [ Early 1600s ]


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