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to burn or reduce to charcoal:
The fire charred the paper.
to burn slightly; scorch:
The flame charred the steak.
to become charred.
a charred material or surface.
a superior carbon-rich fuel, a by-product of the conversion of coal into gaseous or liquid fuel.
a charwoman.
a task, especially a household chore.
chars, odd jobs, especially of housework, for which one is paid by the hour or day.
to work at housecleaning by the day or hour; hire oneself out to do odd jobs.
to do (housework, odd jobs, or chores); clean or repair.
verb chars, charring, charred
to burn or be burned partially, esp so as to blacken the surface; scorch
(transitive) to reduce (wood) to charcoal by partial combustion
noun (pl) char, chars, charr, charrs
any of various troutlike fishes of the genus Salvelinus, esp S. alpinus, occurring in cold lakes and northern seas: family Salmonidae (salmon)
(informal) short for charwoman
verb chars, charring, charred
(Brit, informal) to do housework, cleaning, etc, as a job
(Brit) a slang word for tea

“to reduce to charcoal,” 1670s, probably a back-formation from charcoal (q.v.). Related: Charred; charring.


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