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Character graphics



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  • Character neurosis

    character neurosis n. Any of various disorders in which a disturbed behavior pattern, such as compulsiveness, is part of an individual’s personality and not the result of intrapsychic conflicts.

  • Character-piece

    a short, simple piece, usually for piano, of a type developed chiefly during the 19th century, often of a descriptive or seemingly improvisatory character.

  • Character recognition

    noun (computing) a magnetic or optical process used to detect the shape of individual characters printed or written on paper

  • Character repertoire

    character The set of all characters onto which a coded character set maps integers (code positions). For example, consider these two simple coded character sets: Coded Character Set One: integer 0 -> the character “A” integer 1 -> the character “B” Coded Character Set Two: integer 0 -> the character “B” integer 1 -> the […]

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