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a function defined on a given set, having value 1 for every element of the set and value 0 for every element not contained in the set.
characteristic polynomial.
(maths) a function that assigns the value 1 to the members of a given set and the value 0 to its nonmembers
(statistics) a function derived from the probability distribution function that enables the distribution of the sum of given random variables to be analysed


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  • Characteristic-polynomial

    an expression obtained from a given matrix by taking the determinant of the difference between the matrix and an arbitrary variable times the identity matrix.

  • Characteristic-root

    a scalar for which there exists a nonzero vector such that the scalar times the vector equals the value of the vector under a given linear transformation on a vector space. a root of the characteristic equation of a given matrix.

  • Characteristic-vector

    a vector for which there exists a scalar such that the value of the vector under a given transformation is equal to the scalar times the vector.

  • Characteristic-velocity

    a measure of the effectiveness with which the combustion in a rocket engine produces high temperature and pressure, equal to the exhaust velocity divided by the thrust coefficient. the total of all velocities a space vehicle must develop to complete a given mission. an expression of the performance of a propellant or a propulsion system […]

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