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a writeoff, especially of a bad loan by a bank.


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  • Charge parity invariance

    charge parity invariance See CP invariance.

  • Charge-plate

    an identification plate, especially one from which an impression can be taken, issued to a customer and used to make purchases on a credit basis.

  • Charge-cap

    verb (transitive) -caps, -capping, -capped (formerly in Britain) to impose on (a local authority) an upper limit on the community charge it may levy

  • Chargeability

    that may or should be charged: chargeable duty. liable to be accused or held responsible; indictable: He was held chargeable for the theft. liable to become a charge on the public. adjective charged or liable to be charged liable to result in a legal charge adj. late 15c., “burdensome,” from charge (v.) + -able. Sense […]

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