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carefully; warily.
sparingly; frugally.
cautiously; carefully


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  • Chariness

    the state or quality of being chary. Obsolete. scrupulous integrity. noun the state of being chary

  • Chariot

    a light, two-wheeled vehicle for one person, usually drawn by two horses and driven from a standing position, used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc., in warfare, racing, hunting, etc. a light, four-wheeled pleasure carriage. any stately carriage. Facetious. an automobile. to convey in a chariot. to ride in or drive a chariot. noun a […]

  • Charioteer

    a chariot driver. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Auriga. noun the driver of a chariot n. late 14c., from Old French charioteur, from charriot (see chariot). As a verb from 1802. Related: Charioteered; charioteering.

  • Charism

    Theology. a divinely conferred gift or power. a spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people. the special virtue of an office, function, position, etc., that confers or is thought to confer on the person holding it an unusual ability for leadership, worthiness of veneration, or […]

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