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Charity begins at home

Be generous to your family before helping others. For example, She spends hours and hours on volunteer work and neglects the children, forgetting that charity begins at home. This proverb was first recorded in English, in slightly different form, in John Wycliffe’s Of Prelates (c. 1380); “Charity should begin at himself.”


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  • Charity commissioners

    plural noun (in Britain) members of a commission constituted to keep a register of charities and control charitable trusts

  • Charity girl

    noun phrase A sexually promiscuous young woman (1940s+)

  • Charity line

    noun in basketball, the free-throw line; also called charity stripe Examples A lot of players have a dramatic way of approaching the charity line. Word Origin 1923 Usage Note slang noun phrase The free-throw line: The Hawks knew the game would be decided at the charity stripe (1930s+ Basketball)

  • Charity-school

    an elementary school, usually funded by charitable persons or organizations, for those unable to pay: a forerunner of the public-school system.

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