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Charles james fox

Charles James, 1749–1806, British orator and statesman.
George, 1624–91, English religious leader and writer: founder of the Society of Friends.
John, John Foxe.
John William, Jr. 1863–1919, U.S. novelist.
Margaret, 1833–93, and her sister Katherine, (“Kate”), 1839–92, U.S. spiritualist mediums, born in Canada.
Sir William, 1812–93, New Zealand statesman, born in England: prime minister 1856, 1861–62, 1869–72, 1873.
Historical Examples

The Political History of England – Vol. X. William Hunt
The Real Gladstone J. Ewing Ritchie
Essays in English Literature, 1780-1860 George Saintsbury
Book-Plates William J. Hardy
The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) John Holland Rose
At Large Arthur Christopher Benson
The Kensington District Geraldine Edith Mitton
By Advice of Counsel Arthur Train
The Mother of Parliaments Harry Graham
History of the United States Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard

noun (pl) foxes, fox
any canine mammal of the genus Vulpes and related genera. They are mostly predators that do not hunt in packs and typically have large pointed ears, a pointed muzzle, and a bushy tail related adjective vulpine
the fur of any of these animals, usually reddish-brown or grey in colour
a person who is cunning and sly
(slang, mainly US) a sexually attractive woman

a jackal
an image of a false prophet

(nautical) small stuff made from yarns twisted together and then tarred
(transitive) to perplex or confound: to fox a person with a problem
to cause (paper, wood, etc) to become discoloured with spots, or (of paper, etc) to become discoloured, as through mildew
(transitive) to trick; deceive
(intransitive) to act deceitfully or craftily
(transitive) (Austral, informal) to pursue stealthily; tail
(transitive) (Austral, informal) to chase and retrieve (a ball)
(transitive) (obsolete) to befuddle with alcoholic drink
(pl) Fox, Foxes. a member of a North American Indian people formerly living west of Lake Michigan along the Fox River
the language of this people, belonging to the Algonquian family
Charles James. 1749–1806, British Whig statesman and orator. He opposed North over taxation of the American colonies and Pitt over British intervention against the French Revolution. He advocated parliamentary reform and the abolition of the slave trade
George. 1624–91, English religious leader; founder (1647) of the Society of Friends (Quakers)
Terry, full name Terrance Stanley Fox (1958–81). Canadian athlete: he lost a leg to cancer and subsequently attempted a coast-to-coast run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research
Vicente (Spanish viˈθɛnte). born 1942, Mexican politician; president of Mexico (2000-06)
Sir William. 1812–93, New Zealand statesman, born in England: prime minister of New Zealand (1856; 1861–62; 1869–72; 1873)

see: crazy like a fox


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