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Chartered engineer

(in Britain) an engineer who is registered with the Engineering Council as having the scientific and technical knowledge and practical experience to satisfy its professional requirements CEng


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  • Chartered librarian

    noun (in Britain) a librarian who has obtained a qualification from the Library Association in addition to a degree or diploma in librarianship

  • Chartered surveyor

    noun (in Britain) a surveyor who is registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as having the qualifications, training, and experience to satisfy their professional requirements

  • Chartered teacher

    noun (in Scotland) a teacher with extensive qualifications and experience paid at a higher rate to remain as a classroom teacher rather than seek promotion to an administrative post

  • Charterhouse

    a Carthusian monastery. the hospital and charitable institution founded in London, in 1611, on the site of a Carthusian monastery. the public school into which this hospital was converted. the modern heir of this school, now located in Surrey. noun a Carthusian monastery great English public school founded in London in 1611, a folk etymology […]

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