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a specialist in the stock market who studies and draws charts of trading actions.
a cartographer.
the principles or movement of a party of political reformers, chiefly workingmen, in England from 1838 to 1848: so called from the document (People’s Charter or National Charter) that contained a statement of their principles and demands.
(British history) the principles of the reform movement in Britain from 1838 to 1848, which included manhood suffrage, payment of Members of Parliament, equal electoral districts, annual parliaments, voting by ballot, and the abolition of property qualifications for MPs
a stock market specialist who analyses and predicts market trends from graphs of recent price and volume movements of selected securities

1839 in English political history, in reference to the reform party active 1836-48, from “The People’s Charter,” which contained their principles. Related: Chartist (1838).


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