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[sha-sur; French sha-sœr] /ʃæˈsɜr; French ʃaˈsœr/

noun, plural chasseurs
[sha-surz; French sha-sœr] /ʃæˈsɜrz; French ʃaˈsœr/ (Show IPA)
(in the French army) one of a body of cavalry or infantry troops equipped and trained for rapid movement.
a uniformed footman or attendant; liveried servant.
a hunter.
Also called hunter’s sauce. French Cookery. a brown sauce, usually containing mushrooms, tomatoes, shallots, white wine, etc.
/ʃæˈsɜː; French ʃasœr/
(French army) a member of a unit specially trained and equipped for swift deployment
(in some parts of Europe, esp formerly) a uniformed attendant, esp one in the livery of a huntsman
(often postpositive) designating or cooked in a sauce consisting of white wine and mushrooms

mobile foot-soldier, 1796, French, literally “huntsman,” from Old French chaceor “huntsman, hunter,” from chacier “to chase” (see chase (v.)).


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