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[chas-tahyz, chas-tahyz] /tʃæsˈtaɪz, ˈtʃæs taɪz/

verb (used with object), chastised, chastising.
to discipline, especially by corporal punishment.
to criticize severely.
Archaic. to restrain; .
Archaic. to refine; purify.
verb (transitive)
to discipline or punish, esp by beating
to scold severely

c.1300, chastisen, from Old French chastiier “to warn, advise, instruct; chastise, admonish; punish; dominate, tame” (12c., Modern French châtier), from Latin castigare “to set or keep right, to reprove, chasten, to punish,” literally “to make pure” (see castigate). Or perhaps from Middle English chastien (see chasten) + -ise, though this would be early for such a native formation. The form of the modern word “is not easily accounted for” [OED]. Related: Chastised; chastising.

He alone may chastise who loves. [Rabindranath Tagore, “The Crescent Moon,” 1913]


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