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Chateau bottled


See estate bottled


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  • Chateaubriand

    [shah-toh-bree-ahn; English sha-toh-bree-ahn] /ʃɑ toʊ briˈɑ̃; English ʃæˌtoʊ briˈɑ̃/ noun 1. François René [frahn-swa ruh-ney] /frɑ̃ˈswa rəˈneɪ/ (Show IPA), Vicomte de, 1768–1848, French author and statesman. 2. (lowercase) a thick slice of tenderloin, broiled and served with potatoes and a sauce, often a béarnaise sauce. /French ʃɑtobrijɑ̃/ noun 1. François René (frɑ̃swa rəne), Vicomte de […]

  • Chateau cardboard

    noun 1. (NZ, informal) wine sold in a winebox

  • Chateauguay

    [shat-uh-gey, -gee; French shah-toh-gey] /ˈʃæt əˌgeɪ, -gi; French ʃɑ toʊˈgeɪ/ noun 1. a town in S Quebec, in E Canada, on the St. Lawrence.

  • Chateauneuf-du-pape

    [shah-toh-nœf-dy-pap] /ʃɑ toʊ nœf düˈpap/ noun 1. a dry red or white wine from the Rhone valley near Avignon.

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