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[chat-er-er] /ˈtʃæt ər ər/

a person who ; a chatterbox.
any of several passerine birds having a cry, as certain waxwings and cotingas.
someone or something that chatters
another name for cotinga


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  • Chattering

    [chat-er] /ˈtʃæt ər/ verb (used without object) 1. to talk rapidly in a foolish or purposeless way; jabber. 2. to utter a succession of quick, inarticulate, speechlike sounds, as monkeys or certain birds. 3. to make a rapid clicking noise by striking together: His teeth were chattering from the cold. 4. Machinery. (of a cutting […]

  • Chattering-class

    noun 1. well-educated members of the upper-middle or upper class who freely express especially liberal opinions or judgments on current issues and events.

  • Chatter-mark

    noun 1. a mark left by a tool that has been chattering. 2. Geology. any of a series of irregular gouges made on rock surfaces by the slipping of rock fragments held in the lower portion of a glacier. noun 1. any of a series of grooves, pits, and scratches on the surface of a […]

  • Chatterton

    [chat-er-tuh n] /ˈtʃæt ər tən/ noun 1. Thomas, 1752–70, English poet. /ˈtʃætətən/ noun 1. Thomas. 1752–70, British poet; author of spurious medieval verse and prose: he committed suicide at the age of 17

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