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[shey] /ʃeɪ/

chaise; shay.


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  • Chayote

    [chahy-oh-tee] /tʃaɪˈoʊ ti/ noun 1. a tropical American vine, Sechium edule, of the gourd family, having triangular leaves and small, white flowers. 2. the green or white, furrowed, usually pear-shaped, edible fruit of this plant. /tʃɑːˈjəʊteɪ; tʃaɪˈəʊtɪ/ noun 1. a tropical American cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Sechium edule, that has edible pear-shaped fruit enclosing a single […]

  • Chays

    [shey] /ʃeɪ/ noun 1. chaise; shay.

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    [khah-zuh-rahy; English hah-zuh-rahy] /ˌxɑ zəˈraɪ; English ˌhɑ zəˈraɪ/ noun, Yiddish. 1. anything of little value; junk; garbage.

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