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a covert, unsportsmanlike, and illegal act of deliberate roughness, especially in football, often calculated to injure an opponent.
any mean or unsportsmanlike remark or action, especially one directed at a defenseless or vulnerable person.


: some dirtymouth comedian who made cheap-shot race jokes

noun phrase

(also shot) A malicious insult or action; something crude, underhanded, and damaging: Well, the race for governor isn’t a festival of cheap shots/ Keenan shouted, ”Didn’t you just take what is known as a cheap shot?”

verb phrase

: He’d say ”Hey, don’t cheap shot my son”/ If a person’s going to cheapshot me, it just shows how low he is (1960s+ Sports)
An unfair or unsporting verbal attack, as in You called him an amateur? That’s really taking a cheap shot. The term originated in sports, especially American football, where it signifies deliberate roughness against an unprepared opponent. [ ; second half of 1900s ]


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