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[chek-in] /ˈtʃɛkˌɪn/

the act or fact of checking in.

act or instance of showing one’s ticket to or registering with an authorized agent, as in an airport or hotel

Check-in may require the presentation of payment, reservations, or other documentation or identification.


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  • Checking-account

    noun 1. a bank deposit against which checks can be drawn by the depositor. noun 1. the US name for current account

  • Check into the net

    verb phrase To announce one’s arrival or departure; keep others informed (1970s+ Army)

  • Check it

    verb phrase To leave; bug off, split •Usu an irritated command (1990s+ Teenagers)

  • Checkless-society

    noun 1. . noun 1. a society in which purchases of goods or services are made by credit card or electronic funds transferral rather than with cash or checks. noun See cashless society noun a society in which consumers pay using credit or debit cards, electronic funds transfer, or shop online instead of paying by […]

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