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[cheek-pees] /ˈtʃikˌpis/

either of two vertical bars of a bit, one on each end of the mouthpiece.
either of the two straps of a bridle that join the bit to the crownpiece


Read Also:

  • Cheek-pouch

    noun 1. a sac in the cheek of certain animals, as squirrels, in which food may be carried. noun 1. a membranous pouch inside the mouth of many rodents and some other mammals: used for holding food

  • Cheeks

    [cheek] /tʃik/ noun 1. either side of the face below the eye and above the jaw. 2. the side wall of the mouth between the upper and lower jaws. 3. something resembling the side of the human face in form or position, as either of two parts forming corresponding sides of various objects: the cheeks […]

  • Cheek-strap

    noun 1. (of a bridle) one of two straps passing over the cheeks of the horse and connecting the crown piece with the bit or noseband.

  • Cheek-tooth

    noun 1. any of the three posterior chewing teeth on each side of the upper and lower jaws in human adults; molar.

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