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[cheez-keyk] /ˈtʃizˌkeɪk/

Also, cheese cake. a cake having a firm custardlike texture, made with cream cheese, cottage cheese, or both, and sometimes topped with a jamlike fruit mixture.
Informal.. Also called leg art. photographs featuring scantily clothed attractive women.
a rich tart with a biscuit base, filled with a mixture of cream cheese, cream, sugar, and often sultanas, sometimes having a fruit topping
(slang) women displayed for their sex appeal, as in photographs in magazines, newspapers, or films Compare beefcake

also cheese-cake, mid-15c., from cheese (n.1) + cake (n.). In figurative uses for “soft, effeminate” from 18c. Slang meaning dates from 1934, when a “Time” magazine article defined it as “leg-pictures of sporty females.” In its early years this sense of the word often was associated with Marlene Dietrich.


: unless one perceives in cheesecake photographs illicit and limitless pleasures


[apparently fr the appreciative comments of one or another New York City newspaper photographer at the ocean-liner docks who posed women so that their legs were featured, and pronounced the pictures to be ”better than cheesecake”]


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