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[kuh-lis-er-uh] /kəˈlɪs ər ə/

noun, plural chelicerae
[kuh-lis-uh-ree] /kəˈlɪs əˌri/ (Show IPA)
one member of the first pair of usually pincerlike appendages of spiders and other arachnids.
of, relating to, or belonging to the Chelicerata, a subphylum of arthropods, including arachnids and the horseshoe crab, in which the first pair of limbs are modified as chelicerae
any arthropod belonging to the Chelicerata
noun (pl) -erae (-əˌriː)
one of a pair of appendages on the head of spiders and other arachnids: often modified as food-catching claws
(kə-lĭs’ər-āt’, -ĭt)
Any of various, mostly terrestrial arthropods of the subphylum Chelicerata, having a body divided into two main parts: a cephalothorax and an abdomen. Chelicerates have specialized feeding appendages (chelicerae) and lack antennae. Chelicerates include the arachnids and merostomes (horseshoe crabs) and are closely related to the extinct trilobites.


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