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[kem-i-kuh l] /ˈkɛm ɪ kəl/

a substance produced by or used in a chemical process.
chemicals, Slang. narcotic or mind-altering drugs or substances.
of, used in, produced by, or concerned with or chemicals:
a chemical formula; chemical agents.
used in :
chemical weapons.
any substance used in or resulting from a reaction involving changes to atoms or molecules, especially one derived artificially for practical use
of or used in chemistry: chemical balance
of, made from, or using chemicals: chemical fertilizer

1570s, “relating to chemistry,” from chemic “of alchemy” (a worn-down derivative of Medieval Latin alchimicus; see alchemy) + -al (1). In early use also of alchemy. Related: Chemically.

1747, from chemical (adj.). Related: Chemicals.

chemical chem·i·cal (kěm’ĭ-kəl)
Abbr. chem.


chem’i·cal·ly adv.
Adjective Relating to or produced by means of chemistry.

Noun A substance having a specific molecular composition, obtained by or used in a chemical process.


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