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[kem-ist] /ˈkɛm ɪst/

a specialist in .
British. a druggist.
Obsolete. .
(Brit) a shop selling medicines, cosmetics, etc
(Brit) a qualified dispenser of prescribed medicines
a person studying, trained in, or engaged in chemistry
an obsolete word for alchemist

1560s, chymist, “alchemist,” from Middle French chimiste, from Medieval Latin chimista, reduced from alchimista (see alchemy). Modern spelling is from c.1790. Meaning “chemical scientist” is from 1620s; meaning “dealer in medicinal drugs” (mostly in British English) is from 1745.

chemist chem·ist (kěm’ĭst)
Abbr. chem.

(Cambridge) Someone who wastes computer time on number crunching when you’d far rather the computer were working out anagrams of your name or printing Snoopy calendars or running life patterns. May or may not refer to someone who actually studies chemistry.
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