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See chemobrain


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  • Chemodectoma

    chemodectoma che·mo·dec·to·ma (kē’mō-děk-tō’mə, kěm’ō-) n. A relatively rare, usually benign tumor originating in chemoreceptor tissue. Also called aortic-body tumor, carotid-body tumor, glomus jugulare tumor, nonchromaffin paraganglioma.

  • Chemocautery

    chemocautery che·mo·cau·ter·y (kē’mō-kô’tə-rē, kěm’ō-) n. A chemical substance that destroys tissue to which it is applied.

  • Chemo-fog

    noun See chemobrain

  • Chemodectomatosis

    chemodectomatosis che·mo·dec·to·ma·to·sis (kē’mō-děk-tō’mə-tō’sĭs, kěm’ō-) n. A condition characterized by multiple tumors of perivascular tissue of the carotid body or of other chemoreceptor tissue.

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