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[kee-muh-nahyt, kem-uh-] /ˈki məˌnaɪt, ˈkɛm ə-/

noun, Chemistry.
a solution consisting of copper hydroxide, arsenic trioxide, ammonia, acetic acid, and water: used as a wood preservative.


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  • Chemoorganotroph

    chemoorganotroph che·mo·or·ga·no·troph (kē’mō-ôr’gə-nō-trōf’, -trŏf’, kěm’ō-) n. An organism that depends on organic chemicals for its energy and carbon.

  • Chemo-organotroph

    /ˌkiːməʊɔːˈɡænətrəʊf, ˌkɛm-/ noun 1. another name for chemoheterotroph

  • Chemopallidectomy

    [kee-moh-pal-i-dek-tuh-mee, kem-oh-] /ˌki moʊˌpæl ɪˈdɛk tə mi, ˌkɛm oʊ-/ noun, plural chemopallidectomies. Surgery. 1. an operation for treating Parkinson’s disease and certain other diseases characterized by muscular rigidity, consisting of destroying a specific part of the corpus striatum by injecting it with a chemical, usually alcohol.

  • Chemoprevention

    [kee-moh-proh-fuh-lak-sis, -prof-uh-, kem-oh-] /ˌki moʊˌproʊ fəˈlæk sɪs, -ˌprɒf ə-, ˌkɛm oʊ-/ noun 1. prevention of disease by means of chemical agents or drugs or by food nutrients. /ˌkɛməʊˌprəʊfəˈlæksɪs; -ˌprɒfə-/ noun 1. the prevention of disease using chemical drugs chemoprevention che·mo·pre·ven·tion (kē’mō-prĭ-věn’shən, kěm’ō-) n. The use of chemical agents, drugs, or food supplements to prevent disease. […]

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