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[sher-ee] /ˈʃɛr i/

a female given name.


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  • Cherepovets

    [cher-uh-puh-vets; Russian chyi-ryi-puh-vyets] /ˌtʃɛr ə pəˈvɛts; Russian tʃyɪ ryɪ pʌˈvyɛts/ noun 1. a city in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, N of Rybinsk Reservoir.

  • Cheveret

    [shev-rit, shev-ret] /ˈʃɛv rɪt, ʃɛvˈrɛt/ noun 1. a small English table of the 18th century, having an oblong top, one or two rows of drawers, and slender legs joined near the bottom by a shelf.

  • Chevet

    [shuh-vey] /ʃəˈveɪ/ noun 1. an apse, as of a Gothic cathedral. /ʃəˈveɪ/ noun 1. a semicircular or polygonal east end of a church, esp a French Gothic church, often with a number of attached apses

  • Cheville

    [shuh-vee] /ʃəˈvi/ noun, Prosody. 1. a word or expression whose only function is to fill a metrical gap in a verse or to balance a sentence. Compare (def 2).

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