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[chesh-er, -eer] /ˈtʃɛʃ ər, -ɪər/

Formerly Chester. a county in NW England. 899 sq. mi. (2328 sq. km).
a town in central Connecticut.
Also called Cheshire cheese, Chester. a hard cheese, yellowish, orange, or white in color, made of cow’s milk and similar to cheddar.
/ˈtʃɛʃə; ˈtʃɛʃɪə/
a former administrative county of NW England; administered since 2009 by the unitary authorities of Cheshire West and Chester, and Cheshire East: low-lying and undulating, bordering on the Pennines in the east; mainly agricultural: the geographic and ceremonial county includes Warrington and Halton, which became independent unitary authorities in 1998. Area 2077 sq km (802 sq miles) Ches
Group Captain (Geoffrey) Leonard. 1917–92, British philanthropist: awarded the Victoria Cross in World War II; founded the Leonard Cheshire Foundation Homes for the Disabled: married Sue, Baroness Ryder

1086, Cestre Scire, from Chester + scir “district” (see shire). Cheshire cat and its proverbial grin are attested from 1770, but the signification is obscure.

I made a pun the other day, and palmed it upon Holcroft, who grinned like a Cheshire cat. (Why do cats grin in Cheshire?–Because it was once a county palatine, and the cats cannot help laughing whenever they think of it, though I see no great joke in it.) I said that Holcroft, on being asked who were the best dramatic writers of the day, replied, “HOOK AND I.” Mr Hook is author of several pieces, Tekeli, &c. You know what hooks and eyes are, don’t you? They are what little boys do up their breeches with. [Charles Lamb, letter to Thomas Manning, Feb. 26, 1808]


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