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a sport in which participants contest alternating rounds of chess and boxing, of four and two minutes respectively


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  • Chess-clock

    noun 1. a timer for chess players, having a dial for each player on which his or her accumulated time is recorded and a device for stopping one timer and starting the other at the end of each move.

  • Chesses

    [ches] /tʃɛs/ noun 1. a game played on a chessboard by two people who maneuver sixteen pieces each according to rules governing movement of the six kinds of pieces (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, king), the object being to bring the opponent’s king into checkmate. [ches] /tʃɛs/ noun, plural chesses. 1. any of several weedy […]

  • Chessel

    /ˈtʃɛsəl/ noun 1. a mould used in cheese-making

  • Chessman

    [ches-man, -muh n] /ˈtʃɛsˌmæn, -mən/ noun, plural chessmen [ches-men, -muh n] /ˈtʃɛsˌmɛn, -mən/ (Show IPA) 1. any piece used in the game of chess. /ˈtʃɛsˌmæn; -mən/ noun (pl) -men 1. any of the eight pieces and eight pawns used by each player in a game of chess

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